Horses and Man - Their Incredible Relationship

Horses were one of the earliest domesticated animals. We have lived side by side with them for thousands of years. Not so very long ago, they were our main mode of long-range transportation on land. But more than that, horses offer us a long list of benefits. Riding a horse can give you emotional benefits, physical benefits and even many social benefits as you learn to trust your horse and your own ability to control it.

Experiencing a connection with an animal as you prepare to ride is very therapeutic. Because horses are large animals and many people without experience are understandably a bit fearful of them, going horse riding for the first time has been proven to give you a way of leaving your comfort zone safely, challenging yourself and giving yourself an experience that you can be proud of.

Going on a horse trek with us will boost your confidence and expand your feeling of bravery and trust. And of course, when you add all of this to our amazing scenery and beautiful landscapes, you get a combination of calm beauty and exhilarating experience all in one trek.



Physical Experience
As anyone who is a lover of riding horses can tell you, horses are not the only ones getting a work out when you go for a ride. You will probably be feeling as if you were the one going for a long walk the next day. But it will be so worth it as you notice the improvements to your posture, balance and muscle strength. Just after one trek, you'll have gotten a great workout with many other advantages as well.

Social Experience The social benefits of riding a horse make this a very great way to spend your time while visiting us in New Zealand. This is an activity that is done together, and while you ride next to your family member, friend or significant other, you'll notice a bonding unfolding between you as you share the experience.

It's incredible the things that riding horses can do for us, and all of the benefits that having a relationship with these amazing animals can bring. Visit us today to find out why riding horses is so wonderful. Whether you've never had the experience of riding a horse or you're a seasoned expert at riding, we can offer horse riding treks that will excite and delight you. Please contact us today to schedule your riding adventure.