Ocean Beach Horse Treks New Zealand

Ocean Beach Horse Treks Offer A Unique Experience Of New Zealand's Most Adventurous And Scenic Trekking Trail

Article written February 15, 2014 - Consistently rated as one of the most adventurous horse treks in New Zealand, it is no wonder why Kawhia Ocean Beach Horse Treks New Zealand continue to lure travelers off the beaten track.

Playing out in the heart of Kawhia Harbour, which is rightfully considered to be New Zealand's trekking paradise, Kawhia Ocean Beach Horse Treks offer more than just a guided tour of stunning scenery, although the miles upon miles of pristine ocean beach trails could very well make for a completely satisfying horseback trek. Kawhia Ocean Beach Horse Treks offer more than that, with the explored sight boasting a deep-seeded history as the ancestral and spiritual home of the Tainui people.

The horse riding experience is exactly that -- a complete experience, with the trekking company's horse riding guides adding a fair bit of perspective and context to the uniquely beautiful scenery, as they lead trekkers on an adventure of discovery which plays out on a stretch of land that is rich with a one-of-a-kind blend of Maori history and European heritage. While riding the historic Maori warrior trails, trekkers can lend their ears to the ancient tales of battles and romance, while taking in the majestic views of the area's natural beauty.

Justifiably believing that the essence of the offered experience could never be adequately described in words, Manager Bevan Taylor could only make reference to a video made by the Maori Television Documentary Team, in an attempt to give a complete overview of what is on offer:

"Many of our rides are accompanied by members of the Kawhia Kids Pony Riding Club, who also feature in the video, made by the Maori Television Documentary Team "Hoiho" on our horse treks New Zealand venture.

Adding even more value to come away with from the experience, the selection of treks can even be tailored to the specific requirements of trekkers, making any repeat Kawhia Ocean Beach Horse Trek a unique experience, no matter how many times one may be up for a Kawhia horseback adventure.

The plethora of satisfied trekkers who've been down this historic trail share the same sentiments, telling a tail of an experience for which mere words are not nearly enough to fully and accurately describe.

To mirror the aesthetic appeal afforded by the Eco Paradise of New Zealand, which is at the core of the treks offered by Kawhia Ocean Beach Horse Treks, all the elements of the experience are fine-tuned to perfection, such as their selection of only the fittest quality ponies and horses (all featured ponies and horses are selected on merit, based on their suitability for kids and parents). The horse riding trails offer a great variety of beautiful ocean beach scenery, natural forestry, impressive sand dunes and quaint farmland trails.

A day spent in the company of Kawhia Ocean Beach Horse Treks is one to be cherished for life, offering an experience that will leave trekkers a lot more informed about the unique history of the King Country region.

www.horse.co.nz - Kawhia Ocean Beach Horse Riding Treks is a horse trekking company, riding one of the most stunning ocean beaches in New Zealand.

Headed up by Manager Bevan Taylor, Kawhia Ocean Beach Horse Treks New Zealand boast a horse trek with a major difference to those of other horse riding adventures, in that trekkers get to experience Kawhia's unique heritage while exploring the historic region on horseback.

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