Horse Riding Lessons

One may perceive horse riding as an easy exercise that requires no effort. It may seem that the only thing that one has to do is sit on the horse and give it simple instructions. This is not the case; horse riding is an engaging activity.

It is important to understand the benefits of taking on a horse riding lesson. This will ensure that you enjoy all the benefits and maximize your potential in horse riding. Horse riding has physical, mental and emotional benefits.

There are many physical benefits of horse riding. It helps you to develop balance and coordination. This is because horse riding requires one to cue a horse using certain movements that require body awareness.

Horse Riding lessons do not entail using of strength only. It is about using many muscles especially the leg, abdominal, shoulder and back muscles. This means that the muscles have to be flexible to enhance stability and coordination. The use of these muscles makes them become stretched and strengthened.

Riding a horse at a walk helps the rider to burn calories just as they would while walking.  It also stimulates the body’s internal organs thus enhancing liver activities and digestion. The faster a person rides a horse, the more the calories they burn. Thus horse riding is a fun way to get into shape.

Research has shown that people who take up horse riding lessons have enhanced memory abilities. Due to the many challenges one faces while learning horse riding, the brain is exercised as one learns a new thing every time they face a challenge. This is an advisable activity for older people to ensure that they do not suffer from memory loss.

Horse riding gives one an opportunity to connect with nature. The lonely find solace and companionship in horse riding. Horse riding is a relaxing way to pass time despite the fact that it is challenging sometimes. A horse riding lesson can be taken together with a group of friends. This makes it a lot of fun and interesting.

There are times when one is stressed and needs to be alone. Horse riding can be a good activity to take up at that moment. The horse becomes the quiet friend who gives you companionship in your solitude.

It is not advisable to take up horse riding lessons from a website, a book or a video. This is because it is very unsafe and one may end up enduring injuries that may have a lasting effect in their lives. The best way of procuring a horse riding lesson is by hiring an experienced and reliable coach. The coach will ensure that you learn how to ride a horse in the right way.

Before taking a horse riding lesson, it is important to understand what you will be learning. There two ways one can ride a horse. These are the English riding and the Western riding.  Whichever method you choose to learn, it is important to have an idea of the basic skills you will be learning. This will make learning easier.

Before you begin riding, there are essential skills that you need to learn to help you to understand horses. One needs to learn how to tie, groom and lead the horse. This will ensure that you are safe and make it easy for you to enjoy horse riding.

After learning the essentials, the coach will teach you how to saddle up for your ride. During the Horse riding lessons the coach will teach you in accordance to the method you purpose to learn. In saddling up, he will either teach you the English method or Western method.

The next step will be learning how to get on your horse and how to sit on the saddle correctly. Once you start riding the horse, you may have an awkward experience of imbalance and lack of coordination. With lots of practice you will overcome these trivial challenges. Your confidence will build up and you will learn other advanced skills.

In conclusion horse riding is an enjoyable sport. However, just like any other sport you need to learn its skills. This makes it necessary that a beginner takes the first steps.

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