Educating Horses

Educating HorsesEducating horses has been part of my life for over the last 20 years. In this time I have read several books and watched countless video’s on the exciting subject.

However a couple of months ago I was delighted to receive in my mail a copy of Tony Sandell’s  most recent book Educating Horses.

Tony is a horse educator in his seventies who comes from a farming background in New Zealand and has perfectly transcribed his practical, no fuss, horse training teaching methods into a simple, easily followed written form.

His patient, no nonsense, methodical, consistent, but no force approach, promotes trust and a harmonic  bond between horse and rider. The training and handling of the horse is carried out in a safe environment for both horse and handler and provides an excellent foundation for its future schooling.

Although I was previously familiar to some of the techniques used,  I gained a much deeper understanding of the lessons behind educating the horse? And was very impressed by the simple to understand, practical and safe methods used. 

In conclusion, I found this book Educating Horses a most fascinating read and would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone with a love of horses.