My Beautiful Arabian Horse

My beautiful Arabian horse had to be the closest animal to a fairy tale in the world. She had the most intelligent, sensitive eyes that you could look deep into her soul.

Her action was a joy to behold as she pranced along as if floating on air and with such lightness. Her elegant neck swept gracefully to her strong sloping shoulders which gave her an air of royalty and nobleness, no other horse could match.

I loved my Arabian horse more than anything in the universe, but when we moved to the city, she couldn't come, so my dad had to sell her. He said she was a one in a million horse, and that the new owner was an extremely lucky person to manifest such a fine animal. I think it broke my dad's heart to let her go too.

The following video has an awesome selection of images of this majestic breed, while they're prancing, trotting, galloping and posing. Tell me what you think about them.


My dad's always loved Anglo Arabs or Arabian horses. He admires their stamina and toughness and he was always trying to find or breed the ultimate endurance mount. At one time, we had over thirty horses. My "Sawadee" was the last one to finally go.

As I've gotten older I have learned more, why my dad believed they were the most suitable mount for endurance riding. It's in their physical construction, or rather, they have a unique difference from other equine breeds in that they have less vertebrae, ribs and tail bones than other horses.

Which apparently, along with other distinctive physical differences gives them an extra edge to work hard for considerable times, making them perfect for the sport of endurance riding.

And thats the equestrian activity that I'm most interested in. I want to find another Arabian horse, just like my "Sawadee". I know it will be hard and it may take awhile, but I have a passion to become a champion endurance rider oneday and even if I have to breed her myself, I will discover the ultimate endurance horse.

How about you...Have you ever owned an Anglo Arab or an Arabian?

Do you like or do endurance riding?

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